Flim Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot

Israeli actress Gal Gadot expressed support for the thousands of women across Israel who protested on Tuesday against domestic violence.

The “Wonder Woman” star posted a photo on Instagram that showed the words “Emergency Alert!” written on the palm of her hand, which was pressed up against the camera. Gadot wrote, both in Hebrew and English, in the photo’s caption that she stood in solidarity with her “sisters in Israel” who were protesting domestic violence against women.

She added, “The protest today is in Israel, BUT the struggle is global. Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate against gender, race, religion, background, or age. I call on all people to take a stand against the violence. Enough is enough. No more. It HAS to stop.”

Israeli women held a nationwide strike on Tuesday calling for more action and state funding to combat domestic violence in the country, according to The Guardian. Women did not attend work, held demonstrations in cities throughout Israel and some blocked roads, including a major intersection in central Tel Aviv and the entrance to the city of Jerusalem.

The strike took place following the murders of two teenage girls –13-year-old Sylvana Tsegai and 16-year-old Yara Ayoub — last week, which brought the death toll of murdered women and girls in Israel this year to 24, and 192 in the last decade. Protesters on Tuesday held 24 minutes of silence in memory of this year’s victims. The demonstrations continued into the evening, when tens of thousands gathered in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square for a rally.

An emergency program to fight domestic abuse was approved by the Israeli government in June 2017, but has yet to receive the necessary funding, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Gadot continued in her Instagram post, “Let’s stand together, men and women, united for a better future. And for you out there, who is suffering, please seek help or refuge, and know that I am here standing for you.”