Prime Minister Imran Khan said, the time is not far when Pakistan would be offering loans to the other countries instead of borrowing.

In his televised address to the nation, the Prime Minister Imran Khan said, Saudi Arabia’s package will help Pakistan to have a sigh of relief.

Pm khan said, Pakistan had two options either go to I.M.F. Or seek help from friendly countries. He said, had Pakistan gone to I.M.F. Directly, it would have to borrow more money with stricter conditions. These conditions would have crushed poor strata of the society but now we are in a better position, said, the Premier.

He said PTI government’s highest priority has been to protect the salaried class from economic pressures.

PM Khan also hinted that the government is in talks with two more friendly nations and hopeful of more good news.

PM Imran Khan said, the two parties that have been ruling Pakistan have not even spared welfare fund of workers.

He said, the government will not offer any N.R.O. To corrupt elements and resolved to continue government’s anti-graft drive.

The Prime Minister highlighted that various government-owned entities like P.I.A. And Pakistan Steel Mills are under debt due to corruption and mischievous policies of the previous regimes.

PM Imran said he had talked to Saudi authorities to reduce the visa fee for our workers that has been accepted by them. He also urged all overseas Pakistanis to send remittances through banking channels.

He said, Pakistan is also trying to play a role of a mediator to end the Yemen crisis.