Pakistan Attock. Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has said that this govt under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan is taking every possible step including austerity to put the country on the right track of development and restore its dignity across the world. He said this while talking to journalists in Attock where he had come to condolences the death of the sister of MNA Major Tahir Sadiq.
He said,  under a comprehensive plan strategies are being adopted to give relief to the public in real means and also provision of basic facilities is being ensured. Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar said that PTI took the reigns of the Govt when the economy was too weak and this Govt is taking steps to put the economy strong.  He said , PTI will put the country on track of development and for this purpose efforts are being made to eradicate corruption which is sacking the blood of this nation like a parasite.
While replying a question about Model Town Lahore incident,  he said that investigation is being done and those responsible will be penalised.  Replying yet another question the governor said that this govt wanted transfer of power to the people at grass root level and to achieve this goal soon a new local bodies system will be introduced . Governor Punjab said that by elections are being contested by the candidates of different parties and Govt never thought about interference in these elections.
He said that MNA Major Tahir Sadiq was great asset of PTI who worked a lot for the development of this dostroct and Prime Minister Imran Khan also acknowledges his services .Earlier the governor offered Fatiha for the departed soul of the sister of MNA Tahir Sadiq .