U.S. Border Patrol agent surveys the international border with Canada in Swanton Sector.

Late Sunday evening, Border Patrol agents assigned to the Burke Station arrested Marco Serrano-Rivera, age 32, and Marlin Reyes-Lopez, age 26, both Honduran citizens, attempting to smuggle five individuals into the United States.

During the late evening hours of September 23, the Tactical Communications Center of the Swanton Border Patrol Sector received a report of multiple individuals walking south into the United States from Canada, approximately three miles west of the Chateaugay Port of Entry.  A short while later, Border Patrol agents from the Burke Station observed a dark vehicle travel north on East Rd. in Chateaugay, towards the area of the multiple individuals.  The vehicle briefly stopped then made a U-turn and traveled south on East Rd., away from the border.  Agents performed a vehicle stop on the vehicle and discovered several individuals inside.

The driver identified himself as Marco Serrano-Rivera, a citizen of Honduras.  The front seat passenger, also a citizen of Honduras, identified himself as Marlin Reyes-Lopez.  Both men do not have immigration documentation allowing them to enter or remain in the United States. Also in the vehicle were five men from Guatemala who do not have any immigration documents that would allow them to enter or remain in the United States legally. Agents arrested the seven men and transported them to the Burke Border Patrol Station for additional record checks and processing.

“The quick response by the agents resulted in the apprehension of two alien smugglers and five illegal aliens,” said Burke Station Patrol Agent in Charge Dennis O’Neill. “I’m proud of the vigilance U.S. Border Patrol agents display every day to keep our border secure and our country safe.”

The U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of New York is charging Marco Serrano-Rivera and Marlin Reyes-Lopez with Alien Smuggling, a felony under 8 USC 1324.

The five men from Guatemala are charged with Illegal Entry, a misdemeanor under 8 USC 1325.