The Supreme Court of India has quashed a fabricated espionage case accusing a renowned Indian space scientist of passing sensitive date to Pakistan and ordered the Kerala state government to pay `Indian rupees five million in compensation to the scientist.

The Indian Supreme Court termed the case as “wrongful imprisonment, malicious prosecution, humiliation and defamation.While giving the remarks the Indian Chief Justice said the criminal law was set in motion without any basis. He said the case was seemed to be initiated on some kind of fancy or notion.

The liberty and dignity of the appellant, S. Nambi Narayan, were jeopardized as he was taken into custody and, eventually, despite all the glory of the past, he was compelled to face cynical abhorrence.The scientist was arrested in 1994 by the Kerala police under the official secrets act. He was part of ISRO’s cryogenics division and was accused of selling sensitive technology to inter services intelligence of Pakistan, a charge that the CBI later found to be false.

The scientist was acquitted of the charges only in 1998, at the instance of the top court.
India is accustomed to maligning Pakistan on the basis of unfounded and baseless allegations.
The acquittal of Indian scientist has once again exposed India’s consistent efforts to implicate Pakistan in fabricated cases.