Prime Minister Imran Khan has assured to revamp Pakistan’s Economy on strong footings by setting example.Speaking in the Senate, he said government’s austerity drive is aimed at getting people realized that their Government will spend their Tax Money on their welfare instead of useless expenses.

He said colonial mindset is needed to be changed to serve the masses in a better way.
The Prime Minister said steps are being taken to reduce expenditure, check money laundering, generate revenue, and reform federal bureau of revenue. He said enabling environment will be created for overseas Pakistanis to invest in their own Country.

Imran khan said he will go on Foreign visits after setting Internal House in order and improving governance in the country.The Prime Minister expressed his desire to strengthen the Parliament. He said a Prime Minister question time will be introduced in the National Assembly, where he will himself give answers to questions every fortnightly.

Prime Minister Khan has said that the issue of blasphemous caricatures will effectively be raised at United Nations General Assembly. He said such provocations against the Muslims will not be tolerated at all as they are carried out to provoke Muslim Ummah.

Imran khan said Pakistan will consult Organization of Islamic Countries to prepare a comprehensive response on this issue.He said a session of the O.I.C. Should be held to discuss the matter of blasphemous caricature competition.