Turkish Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak said that the Country has no plan to ask the International Monetary fund for assistance over Economic difficulties, nor resort to Capital controls.

The Minister made the statements as he tried to calm International Investors and Market Makers by affirming, to more than 3,000 Investors in a Conference call, that Ankara remains committed to the free Market.

He said the Country knows all its Domestic Challenges, and will come out of the current Financial Crisis.

The Finance Minister emphasized that Turkey will cut public spending, and that all Ministries have an Ambitious Program in this field and Investment portfolios will be renewed.

The United States and Turkey are engaged in a bitter and complex Diplomatic and trade dispute over Turkey’s detention of U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson.

U.S. President Donald Trump doubled tariffs on Turkish metal exports to the United States last week.

In response, Ankara raised tariffs on American goods, such as cars, Tobacco and Alcohol.