Pakistan Attock: Premier Imran Khan in his maiden speech to the nation has very clearly mentioned his targets for setting up a Madina like state and said that this was not a difficult task if we follow the Sunnah of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). We will make Pakistan a state where rulers and influentials will be answerable , down trodden and the poor will be given equal status as a human beings . In his very impressive and in an informal style address , he said that we can bring the poor up if we will have mercy for them and said that the only difference between human beings and animals is mercy , as mercy can bring miracles in development of the society.

Imran Khan said, Pakistan is under the debt of 28 thiusand billion rupees loan and this could only be relaid when every one will pay taxes and will adhere to austerity. He said, I have decided to live in a small house having two servants while the prime minister house spread over an area of 1100 kanals ,having 524 servants and million of rupees expenses will be converted into a university while all the 80 luxury vehicles which were earlier being used for Prime minister house will be auctioned and the amount received will be deposited into national kitty. Imran Khan said , during the previous regimes the prime ministers, Presidents and other ministers have been spending million of rupees on their foreign trips but now this will not happen and said that a nation whose 22.25 million children are out of school , almost 50 million children are facing malnutrituon , can not afford such luxuries and said that all the governor houses and Chief Minister houses will be used for some better purposes.

He said, we will materialise the dreams of Quaid e Azam and Allama Iqbal by following the Sunnah of Muhammad (SAW) . He said , different powerful task forces are being set up for austerity , bring back the looted money , for reforms in FBR , for increasing export and bring the corrupt to justice. The Premier said , NAB and FIA will be fully empowered and facilitated to bring the corrupt to justice and bring back the laundered money and said that this was not an easy task but we will have to do it at any cost. Imran Khan said , reforms will be introduced in judiciary and Punjab Police to deliver justice . He said , Govt schools will be given maximum facikites while the seminaries will be given facilities so that the students of seminaries could become engineers , doctors and generals as well.

He said , the poor will be given health facilities and health insurance cards will be given to every citizen .Mr Khan said that to control water scarcity , Bhasha dam , will be built on priority while reforms will be made in Agriculture sector . He said , civil servant reforms will be introduced to help the oppressed people and said that there will be no political interference in civil services , prisons and police and said that all the departments would have to deliver. He said , child abuse in on the rise and to handle it with iron hand a special initiative is being taken. While talking about exports , bringing investment to Pakistan , he said that special steps will be taken in this context and Pakistan embassies in different countries will play their role. Prime Minister said that local bodies representatives will be empowered and given funds for development and now giving funds to MNAs and MPAs will be stopped.

He said, we will abide by our promise of giving 10 million jobs , 5 million houses , promotion of skill development and will give interest free loans to the poor and jobless . While talking about Green Pakistan , Imran said that billion of trees will be planted for which Advisor Malik Amin Aslam will play his role as did in KP. He said , tourism will be promoted , beaches will be developed and special steps will be taken for the development of Fata and Baluchistan to remove their sense of deprivation. He said , last but not the least is that we will bring those corrupt to book who looted the exchequer and will bring back those billion of rupees back to Pakistan kept in foreign banks .

He said , these corrupt will make hue and cry , and will present different lame excuses but now these corrupt will not be spared and promised that we will make this country a state like Madina.