MPA Syed Yawar  Hussain Bokhari

Institutions would be made independent and strong and continuity of the policies would be ensured which will certainly give relief to the masses as per the vision of Chairman PTI Imran Khan. MPA Syed Yawar Hussain Bokhari said this while exclusively talking to this scribe at his residence in Attock.  He said , reforms in health and education will be priority of PTI govt as a healthy and educated society can guarantee development and prosperity.

While talking about Punjab Danish School system he said that this was a good project but because of malafide intentions of the previous govt desired results could not be achieved and said that if needed audit of all the Danish Schools will be done and those found involved in malpractice,  embezzlement and violation of merit will be brought to justice.

Bokhari said, team of Imran Khan is now in with full spirit and good intentions and people will  feel and see a big change at every level as our target is establishment of a state like “Madina”. Talking about scarcity of water in the country and Punjab,   he said that beside big water reservoirs at country level ,  in Punjab we need to build at least 150 small/mini dams on annual basis. Bokhari said, Thana Culture will be discouraged through motivation and  grooming of the people .

While talking about his portfolio in Punjab Govt,  Yawar Bokhari said that this depends on the decision of the party leadership and said that if he gets any ministry , he will utilise all his abilities to deliver and said that for the welfare of the residents of his constituency PP1 Attock , he will be  available on week ends at his residence in Attock to directly listen to the problems and grievances of the people and would try to settle and solve them instantly.