Divisional Forest Officer Syed Kamran Kazmi

Divisional Forest Officer Syed Kamran Kazmi has said that during the ongoing monsoon season more than 0.3 million saplings would be planted in Attock district in Govt and private sector. He was talking to this journalist . While giving details he said that govt forest will plant 180000 samplings,  defence areas 12000 , Govt departments 15000 While in private Sector 100000 samplings will be planted.  While talking about the importance of forests DFO Kazmi said that our country was forest deficient country and we need a lot of work in this sector.

Our forests are unique and diverse in ecological system that provide timber , fuel wood and variety of non timber products such as medicine aromatic plants , wild fruit etc , in edition to these,  our forest provide environmental and ecological services such as carbon sequestration, water regulation, soil fertility and habitat diversity . He said , due to different factors such as increasing population , limited alternative options and man made hazards our forests are continuously depleting and we must play our role in controlling this situation. He said , Plantation is not only necessary for the provision of eco  system services but also and also as a measure to counter the negative impacts of climate  change.

He said , efforts are being made to rehabilitate the forests resource through “Green Pakistan Program” but efforts of the society are still needed to increase forests and stop deforestation . While replying a question Kamran Kazmi said that it was also important to increase survival rate of the plants through protection and care. Replying yet another question , he said that on 14th August,  forest department will plant 3000 plants on GT Road from Lawrencepur to Hatian.