Former District Nazim Attock and PTI candidate for NA 55 Attock has said that some of his opponents were using his names to get favour of the public for provincial seat, these people having bad intentions and vested interests will never succeed in their nefarious designs. He said this in his video message released for the media. He said that an independent candidate for PP1 was using his name to get favour of the people on poling day but would not succeed.

He said that PTI candidate for PP1 Attock was Syed Yawar Bokhari and his supporters must vote for him . He said that an I dependent candidate who cheated him twice was having jo concern with him and made it clear that PTI voters must vote for him and Syed Yawar Bokhari who is PTI candidate. Sadiq said , an independent candidate for PP1 Attock Hameed Akbar was using his name to get favours of the people but people must know that he has no links with Major Tahir Sadiq and he was also not having sympathies   Major Tahir said that majority of the people were supporting him and said that on 25th July on the day of poling PTI candidates will be victorious with clean sweep.