Major Tahir Sadiq

As many as eight candidates are on the run for NA 55 Attock prominent among them are former District Nazim Attock Major Tahir Sadiq and former Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Sheikh Aftab Ahmad .This constituency consists of tehsil Attock , Hazro and Hassanabdal where there are 571804 registered voters. Other six candidates are Zulfiqar Hayat Khan PPPP,  Asif Iqbal Allah o Akbar Tehreek , Taimoor Aslam PTI Nazriati,  Hafiz Saeed Ahmad MMA , Muhammad Hafeez Ullah Jan Tehreek Labaik Pakistan and Malik Mir Afzal Pakistan Human Rights Party. Major Tahir Sadiq who has joined PTI a last year and was previously associated with PMLQ and enjoyed twice as District Nazim Attock during Musharaf regime is apparently a strong candidate .

He is considered a politicians who has contacts at grass root level , having strong teams at union council level while he also claims lot of development work done , provided thousand of jobs to youth in education,  police and other departments and is a person accessible to everyone at any time. He is the person who support his colleagues and workers out of the way in any field. He said,  I travel hundered of miles daily to have close contact with my people. Apparently in this constituency his position seems strong however his opponents Former Federal Minister Sheikh Aftab Ahmad who is in good books of Sharif Brothers is having decades long association with PMLN and remained loyal to party in every thick and thin. Sheikh Aftab Ahmad has been in govt for the last ten years as State and Federal Minister and did a lot of development work in his constituency.

Sh Aftab Ahmed Khan

He claims that he provided gas facility to all the villages of tehsil Attock and Hazro , metalled roads , established Agriculture university in Attock , started master level classes in Govt Boys College Attock while PMLN govt recruited thousand of teachers purely on merit which is a record. Although both the leaders have lots of contribution on their credit for their constituency but for the forth coming elections both would have to work hard to bag this seat. Malik Amin Aslam who is too close to Chairman Imran Khan , who also looked after Billion Tree tsunami project in KP, and Imran Khan acknowledged his services at every forum but did not award him ticket for NA 55, as Imran Khan considered Major Tahir Sadiq as strong candidate and elect able,  however Malik Amin Aslam was pacified by Imran Khan and promised him to elevate him to environment ministry after coming into power.

Malik Amin Aslam who is also a former environment Minister had also filed his nomination papers for NA 55 and forced by his supporters to contest as an independent candidate as PTI did not award him ticket despite of his ten years association with the party but Malik Amin Aslam with great difficulty consoled and satisfied his supporters and with drew his nomination papers station said that he would not betray his party leadership and to promote the vision of Imran Khan  would not contest elections however he told journalists that he would not take part in the election campaign of Major Tahir Sadiq nor he gave any message to his supporters however he said that injustice has been done by not giving him ticket .

Malik Amin Aslam Khan

After the with drawl of papers by Malik Amin Aslam the position of Major Tahir has become stronger . Sheikh Aftab who has been in power for the last ten years has thousand of supporters and is running his election campaign with high hopes however some of his party office bearers at tehsil level have joined other parties or supporting other candidates which has certainly created problems for the former Federal Minister and has made him upset.  Sheikh Aftab who is a cool minded personality, always uses polite language and says that he believes in his performance and believes that Allah Almighty would help him as he has good intentions for his people and Pakistan.