In accordance to the order of the Supreme Court, the telecom companies will charge no tax on mobile cards, from today. All the taxes imposed by Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on mobile cards have been suspended by the telecom companies.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar on Monday suspended the tax deduction from mobile phones “pre-paid calling cards and easy load” by companies and Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).The apex court has provided a two-day deadline to follow the orders pertaining to the suspension.

Telecom companies implemented Supreme Court’s order after receiving written order on Wednesday. Telecom companies have been told by Supreme Court in written order to immediately provide 0% tax deduction relief to public from mid night Wednesday.

Telecom companies will not deduct any tax on mobile cards for next 15 days.
Telecom companies and FBR have been directed by Supreme Court to determine, how many mobile customers fall in tax net, within next 15 days.

Till then, mobile customers will get mobile credit without any tax deduction. Not to forget, on the charge of a Rs100 prepaid mobile card, a 19.5% federal excise duty was charged along with 12.5% withholding tax and 10% service/maintenance charge.