Italy’s New Government of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte was officially Sworn in putting an end to a deadlock lasting since early March inconclusive Vote.

The New Cabinet was formed on a coalition between Anti-Establishment five star movement and far-right League, the two most voted parties in the Elections.

Conte, a 53-Year-Old Law Professor and Political Novice, was reappointed by President Sergio Mattarella on Thursday after his previous Cabinet Attempt with the same Parties failed on Sunday.

After taking the Oath of Office, the Newly Appointed Prime Minister received the “Silver Bell” from the hands of Former Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni at Chigi Palace, a ritual signaling a New Italian Cabinet is taking Office.

Conte must now seek confidence votes from both the chamber of Deputies and the Senate, which was expected to be an easy process since m5s and League holds the Majority in both Houses.