Former Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has urged upon the people to vote for PMLN IN the forth coming general elections if they wanted continuity in the development and prosperity of the country and its people . He said this while addressing PMLN Party Workers Convension in Liaqat Ali Khan Shaheed Stadium Attock.  On the occassion Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Sheikh Aftab Ahmad,  Capt Safdar , Maryam Nawaz , Provincial Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs Jahangir Khanzada,  Provincial Minister Chaudhry Sher Ali , MNA Malik Aetbar Khan , MPA Shavez Khan , Secretary General PMLN Asif Ali Malik,   Senior Vice President PMLN Saleem Shahzad,  Chairman Muncipal Committee Attock Sheikh Nasir Mehmood,  Vice Chairman Malik Tahir Awan,  Sheikh Salman Sarwar and large number of party workers were present .

Nawaz Sharif said that when PMLN took over in 2013 there was hours long load shedding , terrorism was on its peak while the law and order situation in Karachi was at its worse but now after elapsing five years , there is no load shedding, terrorism has been controlled while the peace of Karachi has been restored.  He said that he had been disqualified as served this country and out it on the right track of development.  Coming hard on Imran Khan he said that how Imran Khan can make a new Pakistan while he could not do anything in KPK during the last five years and said that Imran Khan was a lier and hypocrate. He said that PMLN was satisfied of its performance and on the basis of this performance will get elected in the next general elections.Nawaz Sharif said, motorways are being built across the country which will touch the border of China .

He said , I felt greatly pleased to see the crowd here and said that now the vote is going to get respect and said that he swore upon the people love that he would work day and night to serve them if given a chance again. ” The one who serves the country is either declared corrupt or traitor,” Nawaz lamented. He said, PMLN established a network of roads , universities and colleges. He said, PMLN with public support will form next Govt and provide all basic facilites of life.

Maryam Nawaz while addressing the convension said that she had visited Attock after 18 years and was happy to see it developed. She said, our opponents have not a single public issue on which they could have politics, She said, not a single penny corruption had been proven against the former Prime Minister. She said, Pakistan is our home and Nawaz who thrice became Prime Minister is its elder. She urged upon the people to vote for PMLN and ensure respect of the vote. Federal Minister Sheikh Aftab Ahmad also spoke on the occassion and high lighted the achievements of the Govt.  On the occassion tight security arrangements were am delighted and more than 600 cops under the supervision of DPO ATTOCK Ibadat Nisar were deployed.