Swedish Minister for Gender Equality Lena Hallengren

Lena Hallengren, Minister for Gender Equality has said that “If we want to achieve real change towards a gender equal society, men have to be engaged, and participate in the process. The conference will explore perspectives on men and equal opportunities in fields such as education, health and violence prevention,” .

Swedish Minister for Gender Equality Lena Hallengren will speak at the Conference. International speakers and delegates will include EU ministers, heads of international bodies, researchers and government agency representatives

ICMEO aims to strengthen the focus on men and boys and their role in gender equality policy and action. How do social norms change and how can we best engage men and boys in gender equality and promote a lifestyle beyond stereotypical norms?

Day two of the conference includes six parallel workshops on boys and young men in relation to education, health and violence prevention. These workshops will be run jointly with partner organisations.

The conference gathers European decision-makers, politicians, experts, academics and practitioners from all sectors of society.

ICMEO was held for the first time in Berlin in 2012. It was held in Vienna in 2014 and in Luxembourg in 2016. The overall theme for the conference series is the role and responsibility of men in gender equality.