Photo: Peter Muller/Folio

Minister for Culture and Democracy Alice Bah Kuhnke has said that “to be able to sing, draw, dance and access culture from an early age is important for all children, regardless of where in the country they live. With this initiative, we are strengthening the important work carried out by the Swedish Arts Council and other actors throughout the country,”

In the spring amending budget for 2018, the Government is proposing that the Swedish Arts Council receive SEK 10 million to go to culture for children and young people as a temporary initiative during 2018. The funding supplements the comprehensive grants towards culture for children and young people already provided by the Swedish Arts Council.

The initiative is based on an agreement between the Government and the Left Party. A central objective of culture policy is to promote the opportunities for children and young people to access high quality arts and culture, both in rural areas and in larger towns and cities, and to increase the opportunities for their own creativity. It is particularly important to reach more target groups.

The funds will constitute a complement to the comprehensive funding currently allocated by the Swedish Arts Council. The new funds raise the level of ambition in order to give more children and young people the possibility to access arts and culture and stimulate their own creativity. The Government will provide more information on how the assignment to the Swedish Arts Council will be formulated at a later date.