Demonstrators took to the streets in Edinburgh, Scotland, to participate in a pro-European union rally ahead of the one-year anniversary of article 50 being triggered by the UK Parliament, which officially announced its intention to leave the political and economic bloc.

The rally, which brought together members of a pro-Eu youth organization and local EU proponents, was held under the theme “Brexit is not worth it.”

March 29 marks the first anniversary since the UK launched its plan to quit the EU, or Brexit.  But days ahead of the anniversary, people in cities across Scotland and England have been protesting on the streets, saying that Brexit is wrong.

Many people who voted for Brexit a year ago feel that they have been cheated after having witnessed its impact on the country in the past year.

Others, who voted against Brexit, have not stopped voicing their objections.From Friday to Monday, pro-EU rallies are scheduled to take place in 13 cities across the UK.