Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Minister Carlier meets with representatives from the India Pulse and Grain Association and Alberta’s New Delhi Office at the 2018 Pulse Conclave in New Delhi.

Oneil Carlier, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry has said that “The opportunities in India are immense and our Alberta products are desired by emerging markets. We have a reputation for safe, world-class food and ingredients. Our government’s work to increase market access for prime agricultural products is key to furthering our efforts in diversifying our economy, creating jobs and keeping our family farms sustainable.”

Rodney Volk, Alberta Pulse Growers has said that “Clearing the way for increased international market access is crucial for the continued success of our industry. Our industry needs predictability and we appreciate the government communicating our trade concerns to their counterparts in India and to the country’s business community.”

The anchor event for the trip was the international Pulses Conclave in Delhi, where Minister Carlier delivered a keynote address to 1,500 international delegates. The address highlighted the robust and mutually beneficial relationship between Alberta and India.

Part of the mission focused on advocating for Alberta’s pulse producers to address trade issues, such as fumigation of pulses and tariffs on peas.The team met with a number of senior business executives, chamber of commerce members, retailers and importers, who provided insight into business expansion opportunities available for Alberta producers of pulses and canola.

As part of the mission, Minister Carlier signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation on Agriculture and Animal Husbandry with the Government of Meghalaya.