US President Donald Trump has warned that the North Korean regime is very close to developing a long-range, nuclear-armed missile that could threaten American cities.

In his maiden state of the union address, Donald Trump announced that he will keep Guantanamo Bay open, breaking from his predecessor Barack Obama’s lengthy failed efforts to shutter the maligned detention facility.

Donald Trump declared that China and Russia threaten American values, confirming Washington’s pivot to great power rivalry as the core of its national security policy.

President Donald Trump said in his state of the union address that the US military in Afghanistan now operates with new rules of engagement and will be not be restrained by artificial time-lines, .

He said, the United States needs a wall along the US-Mexican border and an end to the current visa lottery system as part of a four pillar immigration reform plan.

Donald Trump declared to congress that what he calls America’s “open borders” had allowed drug gangs to pour into us communities. Pointing out a guest, a mother who lost two daughters. Trump urged congress to come together to “close the loopholes” that he said allow in the country gangs

Trump also said record-high confidence of small businesses and the stock market smashed record records, gaining eight trillion us dollars in value.

He urged the Americans to move beyond angry partisan divide between democrats and republicans in his state of the union address to congress.

In a primetime address, the republican leader said he is “extending an open hand” to democrats to work together.

President Trump also said he was ordering Guantanamo bay to be kept open, reversing an Obama-era directive to close the controversial detention camp.

The American economy is booming but Trump’s approval rating languishes.