Many parts of the globe including Pakistan may catch a glimpse today of a giant crimson moon, thanks to a rare lunar trifecta that combines a blue moon, a super moon and a total eclipse.

The spectacle, which NASA has coined a “super blue blood moon,” will grace the pre-dawn skies in the western united states, as the moon crosses into the shadow of the earth and turns blood red.

Other parts of the world, including Australia and Asia, will see it at night, as the moon comes up in the west.

In Pakistan total eclipse will start at 5:52 pm and will last till 7:08 pm.

According to sky and telescope magazine the last time a complete lunar cover-up took place on the second full moon of the month was december 30, 1982, at least as reckoned by local time in Europe, Africa, and Western Asia — locations where the event could be seen.

The last ‘blue moon’ total lunar eclipse visible from the US and North America happened on March 31, 1866.