Chinese Premier Li Keqiang urged Japan to make joint efforts with china to bring China-Japan relations back to the right track of development.

Meeting with Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono, Li said that the current China-Japan relations have maintained a momentum of improvement. He said that china has noticed the recent positive messages of Japan in its relations with China, but the bilateral relations still face some uncertainties. The freshly-coming warmth is still blended with the lingering chill, he added.

The momentum of improvement in China-Japan relations is hard-won, and should be cherished, said li.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the signing of the China-Japan treaty of peace and friendship. The premier hopes Japan could properly handle historical and sensitive issues, manage and control the differences, in order to get the China-Japan relations back to the track of normal development.

Li stressed that China-Japan relations not only concern the two countries, but also have a significant impact on the region and the world.

Li said China hopes Japan could take history as a mirror, face the future and show good expectations for peoples of the two countries by creating a good atmosphere for expanding mutual beneficial cooperation, resuming related dialog mechanisms to promote cooperation in East Asia.

For his part, Kono said Japan is willing to go toward the same direction with china, work jointly with its neighbor to further improve and deepen the bilateral relations. He expressed Japan’s expectations that the new round of China-Japan-Rok (the republic of Korea) leaders’ meetings could be held as soon as possible, and its welcome of Li’s official visit to Japan.