Hundreds of protesters went on a rampage vandalizing malls and torching cars in the Indian city of Ahmedabad in a bid to stop the release of a controversial Bollywood film scheduled for Thursday.

Violence against “Padmaavat”, a film about a mythical Hindu queen, started late Tuesday and went into the night in the main city of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state of Gujarat.

Police said several hundred people attacked shops in malls and set alight 50 motorbikes and damaged more than 150 cars across the city.

Gujarat home minister said 10 people were arrested on Tuesday, taking overall detentions caused by the movie to more than 60 in 48 hours.

Threats by Hindu fringe groups against “Padmaavat” have forced police to step up security around cinemas across the country ahead of the release Thursday.

Protesters claim the film falsely depicts a romance between 14th century Hindu Queen Padmavati and ruler Alauddin Khilji. The producers deny this and insist the movie portrays her respectfully.

Radical groups have blocked roads, and burned buses and toll booths in recent days in protests against the movie.