United States has suspended its security assistance to Pakistan, demanding decisive action against Taliban factions.

During daily news briefing in Washington, spokeswoman of State Department, spokeswoman Heather Nauert said security assistance will remain suspended until Pakistani government takes decisive action against afghan Taliban groups.

The spokeswoman was unable to put a dollar sum on the funds that will be frozen, but said it was in addition to the 255 dollars in military aid it has already put on hold.

State department spokeswoman said the value of the assistance is still being determined.

She said that the United States will not be delivering military equipment or transfer security related funds to Pakistan unless it is required by law.

Heather Nauert said the suspension would allow the US administration to freeze aid payments, but not allocate the money elsewhere to reassess in the coming year.

However, she said the United States stands ready to work with Pakistan in combating all terrorists without distinction.