Hundreds of protesters gathered outside U.S. Embassy in Ankara and U.S. Consulate in Istanbul to denounce Washington’s move recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Both protests were largely peaceful although some demonstrators in Istanbul burned papers with Israeli flags on them and wrote “free Palestine” on the walls of the consulate building.

Turkey’s foreign ministry has also slammed the decision by the United States as “irresponsible” and called on Washington to reconsider the move.

Hundreds of Palestinians in the West Bank twin of Ramallah took to the streets soon after the announcement of US President Trump.

They chanted slogan against the U.S. Policy and in favor of an independent Palestinian State.

Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon also held demonstration against the U.S. President.

Protest also held in Gaza Strip. Protesters burned pictures of President Donald Trump and U.S. Flags, chanting anti-U.S. Slogans and vowing for retaliation.