Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif says, PML-N government gave a new dimension to Pakistan’s relations with China and CPEC is the manifestation of growing bilateral ties.

Addressing a seminar in Islamabad, the Foreign Minister said, the reservations of a neighboring country about CPEC are baseless.

He emphasized that the CPEC can become a hub to link Europe with Asia which is home to world’s half of the population.

Khwaja Asf pointed out that the hunger for power of the dictators governed Pakistan’s foreign policy in the past that pushed the country towards various challenges faced today.

He said, Pakistan is still suffering from the outcome of Afghan war and emphasized to focus on future by learning from the past.

Expressing resolve to continue work for peace in the region, the foreign minister said, Pakistan is faced with threats like terrorism on its eastern and western borders where it has deployed over three hundred thousand troops.

The minister underscored that U.S. Should see its relationship with the prism of Afghanistan but through the prism of ties spanned over seven decades.

He said, Pakistan is the biggest stakeholder of peace in Afghanistan after the people of Afghanistan itself.

The Foreign Minister said, Pakistan wants peace with India but Kashmir is the major stumbling block in normalization of relations between the two countries.

He said, Pakistan learning from the pile of mistakes did not participate in Yemen war.

The minister said, Pakistan and Iran share common border and common cultural heritage. The Foreign Minister said, Pakistan has tried to negotiate major conflicts in the region and maintained its neutrality.