Tahir Akram was born on 13th July 1979, in Attock Pakistan and is son of Mr. Muhammad Akram, a Government servant in Deputy Commissioner office. is a well-known personality in the local community.
 Tahir Akram is multidimensional and is well known businessman, entrepreneur, a Lawyer and a social worker in USA and Pakistan. He completed his matriculation from F.G Public School Attock, in 1995 ,  FSc in Pre Engineering from PAF Falcons College in 1998.  BA from Government College Attock in 2000, LLB Form BZU Multan in 2004 and got his license to practice as an Advocate in District Bar Association Attock in 2005.
He said that during his educational career he was an  average student, from his teen age he was very much involved in solving local level routine issues of general community of his native district as his father and all Deputy Commissioners were very supportive and were his best teachers.
His goal was to become pride of his family and his city and bring positive image of Pakistan before the entire world. He  always had big dreams but soon realized that nothing can be accomplished without money as he belonged to middle class family. He began  buying and selling cars at the age of 17 (1996) and started bearing his own expenses for his education.
As he was very passionate, he decided to take a tough step of selling his inherited house to generate revenue for his land and real-estate business. He started investing money wisely into selling and purchasing of small plots and real-estate, his luck and efforts paid off, and he became very successful and well off at the age of 27.
After his marriage he  moved to USA in 2006 . As a beginner again, his Initial life was very difficult in USA but he never forgot about his dreams. He initialy  started ordinary office assistant job, but instead of getting stuck in job he started investing his time in learning business from people around him in his free time.
After few years he realized that he had entrepreneur skills and cannot wait to test his skills he took a risk and gathered all his money and decided to move back to Pakistan in 2009 at age of 30. He started his first commercial plaza building project with prominent bank named “Alfalah” as a Landlord. Project was  excellent and was very successful. This encouraged him and he decided to build a supermarket of its own kind in his city by using his interparental skills in 2010. Again his success started turning into money.
 As his passion of doing something for his city was always there he decided to build a private college with a private group named “Punjab College” as landlord situated on one acre which was a new turn for his city and for his professional career, although he had to go through a lot of challenges regarding Administrative, Operational, and Financial issues, but he managed them efficiently. After completing  this project he ran out of all his money .At this time he was offered a job as Director Legal in Federal Department but he refused respectfully and decided to go back to the USA for another turn of his life . He arranged some money from his  friends and family and decided to buy his first Pizza restaurant in 2012, once again he came across many difficulties and realities of business life, but he faced them strongly and accepted them as a challenge with his iron persistence and his resolute determination.  He worked day in and fay out to make this restaurant a success.
In 2014 he opened his second restaurant which was another success. Working hard pays back and in 2015 he opened his Third restaurant. Meanwhile he was traveling back and forth to Pakistan and USA and he started investing again in Pakistan and did another Commercial land developing project in 2017. He got attention of American and Pakistani media When he donated food worth considerable amount to the kids for Christmas to his local schools in 2017.
Now a days Tahir Akram is working on opening his 4th restaurant in USA and is working on opening a Welfare organization for his district in Pakistan.
He said , beside the blessings of Almighty Allah believing in myself is key to my success along with sense of responsibility, dedication and honesty toward my work and having a realistic approach with right vision