North Korea violated an armistice agreement with South Korea this month when North Korean soldiers shot and wounded a North Korean soldier as he defected across their border and it must not do so again.

This was stated by South Korea’s Defence Minister.

The defector, a North Korean soldier identified only by his surname, oh, was critically wounded but has been recovering in hospital in South Korea.

The incident comes at a time of heightened tension between North Korea and the International community over its nuclear weapons programme, but the north has not publicly responded to the defection at the sensitive border.

A North Korean border guard briefly crossed the border with the south in the chase for a defector.

A violation of the ceasefire accord between North and South, a video released by the U.N. Command in Seoul showed.

Four North Korean soldiers were spotted listening closely as song made the remarks, just 10 metres away from the trees North Korean soldiers had recently planted.