The International exhibition, “Van Gogh alive” has opened its doors in Athens, where organizers say they want to break the barriers of the traditional way of viewing art.

In a large, Dark Chamber, visitors are surrounded by more than 3,000 images from the artworks of Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh, which are projected onto giant screens, walls, floors and columns, accompanied by music.

According to the Exhibition’s website, multichannel motion graphics, Cinema-quality surround sound and up to forty high-definition projectors were used to create the exhibition.

Organizers said they want to dispel “Preconceived ideas” of visiting museum exhibits where one is “tiptoeing through silent art galleries to view masterpieces from afar”.

Objects in the images have been brought to life through moving video.

Written letters and comments made by Van Gogh are also projected.

The travelling exhibition is taking place at the Athens concert hall and is organized by Grande exhibitions, having already been on display in several countries, including Germany, Italy, and Russia.