Taliban Insurgents, some wearing night-vision goggles, killed 22 Afghan Policemen in separate attacks on checkpoints over the weekend in the latest blow to the country’s Beleaguered Security Forces.

Militants wearing the goggles launched a pre-dawn assault on a Police Post in Khan Abad District in the Northern Province of Kunduz and killed 13 Officers.

The Attackers destroyed the Checkpoint and Stole a Humvee.

Yesterday Taliban Fighters killed nine Policemen and wounded two others stationed at Checkpoints in Ghazni.

Twelve of the Militants were killed and four wounded.

The Taliban have claimed the attacks in statements to Media.

The insurgents have stepped up attacks on Security Installations as they seek to Demoralise Police and Troops and steal equipment to fuel the insurgency.

A Defence Ministry Deputy Spokesman said the Militants have acquired “dozens” of Armoured Humvees and pickup Trucks in recent years.

Some of those Vehicles have been used in suicide attacks on Police and Military bases with devastating effect.

Afghan Forces have suffered soaring casualties since NATO Forces ended their Combat Mission in late 2014.