Stephanie McLean, Minister of Status of Women

Stephanie McLean, Minister of Status of Women has said on the 88th anniversary of the Persons Case decision.

“On this day in 1929, five strong Alberta women won their petition to the British Privy Council to consider women as “persons” under the law. They dared to see women as equal, and their victory broke down gender barriers, giving some women the legal right to run for public office, attend university or become judges or senators.

“It was not a complete victory, and took decades more for Indigenous and immigrant women to get the same rights.

Despite this progress, deeply rooted gender bias still keeps qualified women out of leadership positions, undervalue their abilities, pay them less and violate their safety.

“Since taking office in 2015, we have continued the legacy of the Famous Five by putting women at the heart of every decision we make. For the first time in Alberta’s history, we have a gender-balanced cabinet, and nearly half of the members of Alberta’s agencies, boards and commissions are women. We have opened nearly 1,300 quality, $25-per-day child care spaces to help more women participate fully in the workforce. And we encouraged women to run for municipal office, resulting in more women being elected on councils and school boards across Alberta.

“That’s the kind of change that happens when a diverse group of people make decisions: we remove barriers and advance women’s equality.

“Today and throughout Women’s History Month, we celebrate Alberta’s trailblazing women by sharing the stories of their extraordinary contributions, from the British Empire’s first municipal councillor to internationally renowned artists to Indigenous leaders.”