Senate has suspended Pakistan-Switzerland Friendship Group in protest over Anti-Pakistan posters and banners put up in Geneva, Switzerland.

Chairing the Session of Senate, Senator Mian Rezza Rabbani has strongly protested that Switzerland has grossly violated all the International Laws by interfering in the Internal Matters of Pakistan.

Chairman Mian Rezza Rabbani said according to verdict of International Court of Justice, no country could intervene in other country’s Internal Affairs.

Chairman said the campaign of putting up Anti-Pakistan Banners and poster has spread in other parts of Switzerland, too.

Rezza Rabbani said according to charter of United Nations, no country could promote terrorism in any other country.

He said even security council has declared in its resolutions that no country is allowed to sponsor terrorism and extremism against any other country.

Chairman said demand for independent Baluchistan is against the integrity and Sovereignty of Pakistan.