Status of Women mentorship participants at the program launch on September 20 (L-R): Mandita Barthakur, Meredith Perich, Dr. Elizabeth Cannon, Stacey Waldal, Minister Stephanie McLean, Karen Sobel, Cara Wolf, Morgan Craig-Broadwith, Holly Atjecoutay, Laura Didyk and Mary Moran.

Stephanie McLean, Minister of Status of Women has said that “All women in Alberta deserve an equal opportunity to succeed, but still face systemic inequalities. Women do double the unpaid care work, get paid less for equal work and are less represented in senior roles. By connecting women with personal champions, we unlock their economic potential and help remove barriers that keep women behind. Working for women’s equality is not only the right thing to do, it’s good for Alberta’s economy.”

Status of Women Minister Stephanie McLean has launched a pilot program in Calgary to help remove barriers and expand leadership opportunities for women. The six-month program matches women with mentors who are leaders in the areas of engineering, construction, finance, academics and business development.

Volunteer mentors will share invaluable advice, connections and opportunities to support their mentees’ career development. This pilot is part of the government’s ongoing work to advance women’s equality by tackling systemic barriers and deeply rooted gender biases that keep women out of leadership positions.

A June 2017 study by McKinsey Global suggests that advancing women’s equality at work could boost Alberta’s GDP by six per cent. And Conference Board of Canada research has concluded that companies with women in senior roles have a competitive edge – they are more profitable and more innovative and make better decisions.

The program will help mentees create a learning plan with their mentors and participate in professional development opportunities facilitated by Status of Women.The program will be evaluated in the spring of 2018 to determine if it should expand to other sectors or locations in Alberta.