Thousands of Rohingya Refugees, fleeing the violence in their homeland of Myanmar, are struggling for Survival as they desperately searched for Basic Food or shelter in Kutupalong Area of Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh.

A sudden surge of Refugees has stretched the sparse resources of Bangladesh government and also thrown a massive challenge for the International Aid Agencies as a small trickle turned into a torrent.

Bangladesh is struggling to Cope with the Refugees and Aid Workers fear people could Die due to a lack of Food, Shelter and Water, given the Numbers. Bangladesh has said all Refugees must go home. Myanmar has said it will take back those who can verify their citizenship.

The United Nations Children fund has set up a child-friendly space at the Bangladesh Camps.

The space will allow the agency’s aid workers to Monitor and provide counseling to some 200,000 Rohingya Refugee children, as well as prevent them from being abused or exploited.

The Spokesperson of UNICEF Christophe Boulierac, told Reuter that SMORE than 18,000 children have benefited from these 41 child-friendly spaces, where they take part in music and play activities.