The South Korean and Japanese governments said that North Korea has fired a ballistic missile over northern Japan.

The missile is likely to have reached an altitude of about 770 kilometers and travelled some 3,700 kilometers.

The missile flew over Japan’s Hokkaido island before landing in the pacific ocean.

Last month, North Korea fired a missile over Japan in what Tokyo called an “Unprecedented Threat” to the country.

The South Korean military said that the latest missile launch took place in Pyongyang.

This rocket flew considerably higher and further than the missile fired on 29 August, which travelled 2,700 kilometers and reached a maximum altitude of about 550 kilometers.

It is the first missile test to take place since new sanctions were imposed on North Korea by the United Nations, following Pyongyang’s sixth nuclear test.

US pacific command said that an initial assessment of the test “Indicates the launch of an intermediate range ballistic missile.

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the rocket flew over Hokkaido before splashing down in the Pacific Ocean East of Japan.

He said that people were warned to take cover as raid sirens sounded, adding that the incident was an “Intolerable” act of provocation.

South Korea’s Presidential Palace, the blue house, has called an urgent National Security Council meeting.

The United Nations Security Council will meet today at the request of Japan and the US, to discuss the North’s latest actions.