Police say Gauri Lankesh, 55, was found lying in a pool of blood at her doorstep in the City of Bangalore.

She was shot in the Head and Chest by Gunmen who arrived by Motorcycle. The motive for the crime was not clear.

Ms Lankesh had returned home in her car on Tuesday Night and was opening the Gate when the attackers shot her. She died on the spot.

Officials said they suspected she had been under surveillance by the gunmen. An investigation has been opened.

Gauri Lankesh, who edited a Weekly Newspaper, was known as a fearless and outspoken journalist. She was known for her Secularist Criticism of right-wing and Hindu Nationalists, including members of the BJP.

She worked for the times of India and later ran an Independent Newspaper, Lankesh Patrike, along with her brother Indrajit for several years.

After a split with her brother, she left to start several Publications, including her own Newspaper Gauri Lankesh Patrike.

Her killing follows several Assassinations of Outspoken Secularists or Rationalists in recent years, including Scholar Malleshappa Kalburgi, Anti-Superstition Activist Narendra Dabholkar, and Author-Politician Govind Pansare.

Ms Lankesh’s Tabloid was known for its left-leaning views and was facing several defamation cases.

She was Sympathetic to the Maoist rebels who have been carrying out a bloody Insurgency against the Government.

Ms Lankesh was convicted of defamation last year for a report she published on local BJP Leaders.

She was sentenced to six Months in Jail and was out on Bail and appealing the conviction at the time of her Death.

Her death has been widely condemned across India. Protests have been planned in several cities including Bangalore, Mumbai and The Capital, New Delhi.

The News has made top headlines in Indian Media, with Editors and Journalists condemning her Murder and paying tribute to her work.