National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage (Lok Virsa) will pay tributes to “theater” with the movie screening of Ajoka’s play “Dara” on Saturday.
Shahid Nadeem’s spellbinding play “Dara” tells the dramatic story of Dara Shikoh-eldest son of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan-who was imprisoned and executed by his younger brother Aurangzeb.

A crown prince, poet, painter and Sufi, Dara wanted to build
on the vision of Akbar the Great and bring the ruling Muslim elite
closer to the local religions. Exploring the violent struggle between brothers, the decisive role played by their sisters Jahan Ara and Roshan Ara, the spiritual
challenge posed by Sufi Sarmad, the authority of the muftis and
qazis of the Empire and growing discontent among the masses, Dara
offers a resounding message for our times. Regarded as “A must see play of the moment – and of the century” by the Telegraph, Dara is a fitting tribute to theater by
Mandwa, the Lok Virsa film club on the occasion of 70 years of