Engineer Jameel Ahmad Malik Chairman Communist Party of Pakistan (CPP) has said that there is no doubt that Generals and Judges are corrupt in Pakistan but who would punish them is the question.

It is the constitutional duty of the political party who is ruling the country to make them accountable before the public. He said that who is stopping PM Nawaz Sharif now not to trial all the corrupt Generals and Judges?

But he is not doing so not because of any fear but because of the reasons that he himself is a corrupt and so to eliminate corruption from country is not his priority.

Similarly was the case when PPP was in power and Yousaf Gilani was PM and Asif Zardari was President.

It is a political system with good and honest leadership that you have a full control upon generals, judges and civil servants whereas in our country unfortunately there is neither any political system nor an honest leadership is there in our country.