China today urged India to immediately withdraw its troops that have crossed the boundary to avoid more serious consequences.

Chinese Foreign Ministry in a statement also said it was planning to issue an advisory for its citizens in India depending on the security situation there.

The Chinese media also stepped up its attack on India with editorials asking Indian troops to move out of Dokalam area in Sikkim sector with dignity or be kicked out and describing the situation as worryingly tense.

Under the headline, “India will suffer worse losses than in 1962 if it incites border clash” the global times said that New Delhi needed to be taught “a bitter lesson” for allegedly trespassing across the border in Sikkim border, known in China as Donglang.

It said we firmly believe that the face-off in the Donglang area will end up with the Indian troops in retreat.

It continued the Chinese public is infuriated by India’s provocation. We believe the Chinese people’s Liberation Army is powerful enough to expel Indian troops out of Chinese territory.

Another official newspaper China daily said India should look in the mirror.