British Prime Minister Theresa May has won a vote of confidence in Parliament by a narrow margin after she lost her conservative Party’s Parliamentary Majority in an election earlier this month.

The House of Commons, the lower Chamber in Parliament, voted 323 to 309 to approve last week’s Queen’s Speech, which laid out the Government’s Policy Program for the next two years.

Rejection of its legislative plan would have been a major blow to May’s already weakened Administration following the June 8 Election, which saw her conservative Party humiliatingly stripped of its Parliamentary Majority.

May called the Snap Election in a miscalculated attempt to boost her Majority and strengthen her authority during talks on Britain’s exit from the European Union (Brexit). Instead, it left her weakened Domestically and Internationally.

Conservatives won 318 seats in the 650-member House of Commons followed by the main opposition Labour Party which clinched 262 seats. May’s Party Eight seats short of the 326 it needed for an outright Majority and fairly down from the 330 seats it had before the election.

May saved herself by forming a Coalition Government with the Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party.