Habitat for Humanity Edmonton

Ricardo Miranda, Minister of Culture and Tourism has said that “Our government remains committed to supporting the community-based organizations that are working hard delivering programs and services that make life better for Albertans. The changes we have made to our Community Grants programs will help us to more effectively meet the needs of non-profits, by directing available resources to priority areas and to where they can deliver the greatest possible public benefit.” and

Russ Dahms, executive director, Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations said that “It’s evident the Alberta government is paying attention and has made a real effort to understand where to best invest to achieve the outcomes that Albertans want for our communities. Building capacity within the non-profit sector is critical to delivering those outcomes today and ensuring sustainability and accessibility to those outcomes for the future. What’s at stake are the services offered by 25,000 non-profits across the province that make Alberta the province it is.”

The changes stem from a comprehensive review of the programs by Culture and Tourism launched in 2015 to improve the way the Alberta government’s Community Grants funding is administered. The goal is to help the non-profit sector more effectively meet the needs of clients.

The Enhanced Capacity Advancement Program (ECAP) has been expanded to provide up to $225,000 per year for three years to assist organizations with a primary mandate to build non-profit sector capacity and strengthen volunteerism. Non-profits may also be eligible for funding to help improve their sustainability.

Changes to the Community Grants programs are funded through the reallocation of existing resources.

Building capacity involves supporting the development of the knowledge, skills and abilities of individuals, organizations and the non-profit/voluntary sector as a whole to ensure the effective delivery of programs and services.

Along with changes announced in December 2016, further steps have been taken to streamline the grant application system and ensure clarity and transparency in the decision-making process.