Demonstrators descended on London’s Parliament Square in protest against the possible coalition between Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party and Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party.

May’s conservatives failed to secure an absolute majority in a Parliamentary Election and need the DUP’S 10 seats to be sure of being able to form a government.

The Dup has refused to give details in public of what concessions it might seek, and did not respond to a request for comment.

The source said the dup was likely to seek a role in Brexit Negotiations but was likely to clear of social issues such as abortion and gay rights, where it disagrees with Conservative Party positions.

It was also likely to seek to include Northern Ireland in the “Military Covenant”, which ensures that veterans of the British armed forces receive priority medical treatment in the remainder of the United Kingdom.

Such a move would be strongly opposed by the Irish Nationalists of Sinn Fein who share power in Belfast under a 1998 peace agreement that ended three decades of violence between Nationalists and Pro-British Loyalists.