As the Holy Month of Ramazan begins, people in the Conflict Zones mostly in Middle East are facing acute shortage of Food and basic Necessities.

Yemenis from displacement camps as well as those living in the Capital of Sanaa were preparing for the Holy Month of Ramadan amidst Food Shortages, lack of clean Water and Shelter.

Amran, Camp for internally displaced people North of Sanaa is flooded with families who can hardly provide for themselves and many depend on aid provided by relief organizations or charities.

Local Markets and Supermarkets have been doing their best to prepare for Ramadan, by keeping supply of Goods flowing amidst the ongoing siege on the country’s main port in Hodeidah.

Due to the ongoing Civil War, even the salaried class face difficulties to provide for themselves and their families.

Yemen, divided by nearly two years of civil war that Pits the Houthi Group against an Arab Coalition, faces threat of famine and an outbreak of Cholera Epidemic.