Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wished Muslims in Canada and around the globe a happy Ramazan.

In a video message that was shared from his official Facebook and Twitter account, Trudeau called for celebrating various cultures and traditions that make Canada a great place to live.

“Everywhere, Ramazan reminds us to appreciate our many blessings,” he said in the video message. “Give back to our communities and put the needs of others before our own,” he added.

Trudeau said that Muslim Canadians make an enormous contribution to Canada and help make the country a strong, open and inclusive place to live.

“On behalf of our family, Sophie and I wish all Muslims a happy Ramazan,” he said.

The Canadian Prime Minister is famous for his liberal policies and as well as opening the borders of Canada for Muslim refugees from Syria.

Trudeau is popular in Canada and around the world for taking part in religious traditions of the various communities that live in his country.