The counsels of Pakistan Cricket Board and Khalid Latif exchanged heated words during the hearing of Pakistan Super League spot-fixing tribunal.

Badar Alam – lawyer for Latif – while speaking to the press said, the tribunal mistreated his client as he is not being given a proper opportunity to present his Defence on the case.

Khalid Latif’s lawyer Badar Alam boycotted the second day of hearings after the tribunal refused to hand over a video tape of the hearings that took place on the first day.

He added that they had already objected to the constitution of the tribunal and it’s our legal right to raise our concern if it’s against natural justice.

The second day of hearings began at the national cricket academy but Latif and his lawyer left after two hours in protest. The tribunal continued to hear the PCB’s arguments and the hearing went on until the evening. The PCB lawyer Tafulzul Rizvi rejected Alam’s objections.

He said that “Even if the counsel of Khalid Latif has boycotted, the proceedings will continue under code and the matter will be decided accordingly.