Kathleen Wynne Premier Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs MPP Don Valley West

Kathleen Wynne Premier of Ontario has said that “Ontario’s economy is facing a once-in-a-lifetime transformation that will change how we live, work and play. We are taking action to make sure Ontario is a leader in this new economy. By investing in innovative ideas and fostering a highly skilled workforce, we will boost our province’s competitive advantage and create good jobs for people in Ontario. This puts us at the forefront of digital innovation and growth that everyone can benefit from.”

Ontario is building on investments in transformative technologies that will help businesses continue to grow, create good jobs, and attract investment and top talent from around the globe.

Premier Kathleen Wynne highlighted the government’s plan to keep Ontario at the cutting edge of the digital economy at the Ontario Centres of Excellence Discovery conference.

In the 2017 Budget, Ontario announced it is expanding its investment in the Business Growth Initiative to support research and development of next-generation technologies in areas including:

Advanced computing: Supporting operating costs across the province and making new hardware investments at the Universities of Toronto and Waterloo
Autonomous vehicles: Creating the Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network in partnership with the Ontario Centres of Excellence to capitalize on their economic potential
5G (fifth-generation) wireless technology and next generation networks: Investing in ultra-high-speed communications infrastructure through two projects by industry-led groups
Quantum technologies: Partnering with Waterloo’s Quantum Valley in creating the Quantum Valley Ideas Lab to develop breakthrough research and train highly qualified personnel.
Strategic investments in these and other areas will help Ontario thrive in the digital economy by fueling the adoption of transformative technologies across industries, sectors and society. This will help businesses innovate and compete globally, and attract and retain top talent in Ontario’s highly skilled workforce.