Emmanuel Macron has been inaugurated as France’s youngest ever President, saying the country had chosen “Hope” and promising to relaunch the flagging European Union.

Macron, a 39-year-old centrist, took the reins of power from Francois Hollande a week after he won a resounding victory over far-right leader marine le pen in a tumultuous election.

In his first speech, Macron said the French people had chosen “Hope” and shown a willingness to change in the election.

He promised that the EU, hit by the imminent departure of Britain, would be “rejuvenated and relaunched” during his time in office.

He said the world and Europe need France now more than ever and they need a strong France with a sense of its own destiny.”

To underline his European ambitions, macron will visit German chancellor Angela Merkel in berlin on Monday in his first foreign trip.