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Recreational users are advised that the Keyhole Falls hot springs and trail are closed until further notice to all visitors, due to increased wildlife conflicts caused by recreational users.

The Keyhole Falls trailhead is located at the 42-kilometre mark of the Upper Lillooet Forest Service Road, northwest of Pemberton.

As a result of increased food and garbage left by recreational users, numerous bears have become habituated to unnatural food sources. As a result, bears and cubs are showing increasingly dangerous and aggressive bear behaviour toward visitors.

The trail and hot springs will remain closed indefinitely to protect users from aggressive bears.

Natural resource officers and conservation officers are enforcing both closures, and will issue violation tickets to anyone caught ignoring the restrictions.

Use of the trail is an offence under Section 23 (2) of the forest recreation regulation, and subject to a $115 fine.

Leaving food, garbage or other wildlife attractants is an offence under Section 33.1 (2) of the Wildlife Act, and subject to a $345 fine.

If the closure is ignored, additional measures, up to and including removal of the hot springs bathing tubs, may be pursued.