Shaye Anderson, Minister of Municipal Affairs has said that  “As we learned last year with the Fort McMurray wildfire, the unthinkable can happen. Our government is working hard to prepare for future emergencies and I encourage all Albertans to prepare a family emergency plan, pack a 72-hour kit and download the Alberta Emergency Alert app.”

To help Albertans prepare, the Alberta Emergency Management Agency has launched a new online personal preparedness course in collaboration with Alberta Health Services. The interactive course explains personal preparedness for you and your family, as building resilience is a community effort.

Albertans are reminded to plan, prepare and be aware during Emergency Preparedness Week, which runs across Canada May 7-13


  • Make a plan for what your family will do, who they will contact and where they will go during an emergency. Practise it regularly.


  • Alberta families should be prepared to take care of themselves for a minimum of 72 hours during a disaster or emergency and can do so be preparing a 72-hour kit.

Be Aware

  • Albertans are encouraged to download the Alberta Emergency Alert app to their smartphones. Alberta Emergency Alerts are issued to assist you – providing critical information about an immediate disaster, where it is occurring and what action you need to take.

Emergency preparedness is a shared responsibility for all of us and is essential for strong and resilient communities.