The United States warned that it could take unilateral action if the United Nations fails to respond to a suspected chemical attack in Syria that has left scores dead, including children.

The warning came from US ambassador Nikki Haley during an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council called by France and Britain following the attack in the early hours Tuesday on a rebel-held town in Idlib province.

The US Ambassador lashed out at Russia for failing to rein in its ally Syria, standing in the council chamber to hold up photographs of victims.

Britain, France and the United States presented a draft resolution to the UN Security Council condemning the suspected chemical attack in Syria and demanding a full investigation.

The draft resolution calls for a full investigation by the organisation of the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) of the attack in the early hours of Tuesday in khan Sheikhun.

Russia’s Deputy Ambassador Vladimir Safronkov told the council that the proposed resolution was hastily prepared and unnecessary, but voiced support for an inquiry.